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All you need to know about veterinary care for farm animals

Our dedicated farm vets cover the whole of Ayrshire and beyond, providing 24 hour care and advice for both routine and emergency cases. Out of hours, there are always two dedicated farm vets on call.

All farm species are treated, including dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, pigs and large exotics such as alpacas.

We focus strongly on fertility management and preventative medicine to improve the health and welfare of your livestock and maximise farm profitability. Working with you we can assess the impact of health problems or poor fertility, and assist with health planning to ensure optimal productivity and animal welfare. 

We are privileged to include in our farm veterinary team an RCVS Specialist in Cattle Health & Production and an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Cattle Health. Whenever possible, we adopt the most up to date approach to healthcare, for example we are one of few UK practices using laparoscopy ("keyhole surgery") to correct displaced abomasums ("twisted stomachs") in dairy cows. This less invasive technique allows for better, faster recoveries than conventional surgery.

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We accept referrals from other veterinary surgeons.

How can we help?

  • Ram and Bull Breeding Examination: Check your sires are fertile and fit to perform prior to mating or sale.
  • Suckler Herd Fertility: Aims to identify problem cows and prevent incidence of barren cows.
  • Routine Farm Work: Includes castration, de-horning, sick/injured farm animal calls, foot paring, collection of blood/laboratory samples, post mortems, certification and TB testing.
  • Nutrition Planning: Evaluate the effects of diet and feeding routine on your animals health and if required advise on how nutritional needs may be better met.
  • Mastitis Investigation: Examinations of all factors linked to mastitis, identify the causes of mastitis breakdowns and create a custom made treatment and prevention plan for your farm.
  • Herd Health Planning: Personalized plans designed specifically for your farm to optimize the health of your stock and reduce/prevent disease throughout the year.
  • Health Data and Dairy Fertility Analysis: Allows analysis of available farm data via many different computer programmes to quickly highlight any developing problems on farm.
  • ET Service for Repeat Breeders: Examinations of all factors linked to mastitis, identify the causes of mastitis breakdowns and create a custom made treatment and prevention plan for your farm.
  • Emergency Work: Calvings, lambings, sick/injured farm animal calls, dripping calves, emergency surgical procedures such as caesarean section.
  • Dairy Fertility Routine Visits: Designed to flag up problem cows early, improve calving to conception rates and identify areas where health and management can be improved.
  • Embryo Transfer Service: This service is designed for repeat breeder cows that regularly come in season but do not settle to conventional service. It involves placing an embryo into the cow after heat. Different embryos are available, please contact the practice for more details.
  • Cattle Mobility and Foot Health Investigations: Morbidity scoring scores cows from 0-3 to assess level of mobility. Regular scoring allows changes in lameness patterns to be recognised and improvements to reduce lameness implemented.
  • Calf Health Investigations: Cattle health is vital for a successful business. Areas to be assessed include Colostrum management, Vaccination strategy, Building design, Treatment protocols to try and improve welfare and reduce morbidity and mortality on farm.
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