Insemination Packages

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These are the prices for our AI packages at MBM Vets. They include the basic requirements for chilled or frozen AI. Please call us at the Kilmarnock Clinic to discuss your individual mare's requirements.

Packages do not include visit fees. All these procedures can be preformed at the clinic. Bringing your mare to the clinic is often a good way to reduce the overall costs as it means that you do not have a visit fee.

Pre-breeding Examination

All mares should undergo a pre-breeding examination prior to starting an artificial insemination (AI) package.

This includes:

  • Ultrasound and vaginal speculum examinations
  • Clitoral swab for CEM and blood sample for EIA and EVA (including lab fees)
  • Basic clinical examination
  • Discussion/advice

Package for Insemination with Chilled Semen

This includes:

  • Uterine swab and cytology (in house)
  • Ultrasound and vaginal speculum examinations to monitor for stage of cycle and impending ovulation (up to 5 scans)
  • Insemination
  • Assessment of semen
  • Basic drugs (Estrumate or equivalent and Chorulon/Ovuplant)
  • Post insemination checks for fluid accumulation and ovulation
  • Day 16 and day 28 pregnancy scans

This package may be suitable for mares managed from home or at stud. For those that are stabled a long way from the practice, are better examined in stocks or where the vet advises it may be appropriate to stable the mare at the clinic during her examinations, this will incur an eatra livery fee. Not included in the price of this package are visit fees, sedation, bacteriology fee, bloods for EVA and clitoral swabs for CEM and the price of treatments for endormetritis.

Frozen Semen Package

This includes:

  • Endometrial swab (cytology and bacteriology)
  • Ultrasound and speculum examination to ensure insemination at the best of time
  • Livery (4 days)
  • Basic drugs (Estrumate, Ovuplant.Chorulon, Oxytocin)
  • Insemination
  • Storage and assessment of semen
  • Post insemination checks of endoretritis
  • Day 16 and day 28 pregnancy scan

This package is for mares that are stabled at the Kilmarnock Clinic. Mares will have to stay at the clinic for a minimum of 3 days. This package does not include sedation, EVA bloods or clitoral swabs for CEM. The mare will also commonly require a visit prior to admittance to the clinic and as such will incur a visit fee.

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