MBM Vets offer a number of referral services to animals in Ayrshire and beyond. If you wish to use these services but are not registered with us, your vet can refer your animal to us. After your vet contacts us, we will:

1: Make contact with you within one working day - please ensure your vet has your up-to-date contact details to give to us.

2: Respond to your vet within 1 hour for an emergency referral request. Although we will try to ensure this response is made by the relevant vet, this may not be possible, and it may be with a member of our admin team (please note that emergency referrals cannot be taken for the small animal cardiology or dermatology services).

3: Give you all the appropriate information about your referral, including discussion of costs, before the day of referral. We will ask your vet to ensure that all relevant clinical records and a brief summary of the reason for referral has been sent to us before your pet’s case is seen.

4: Discuss fully with you and your vet any change in treatment plan from that initially anticipated.

5: Contact you with progress reports on the day of any procedure or surgery.

6: Promptly email a report to your vet containing details of the test results, diagnosis made, treatments or procedures performed, discharge information, medication and next appointment.

7: Report any lab test results in a timely manner when the results become available. 

6: Please remember to bring any insurance policy information with you to your animal's appointment.

Please note that if your pet, horse or large animal is referred to us, the responsibility for their day-to-day veterinary care remains with your usual vet. We can only investigate and treat the illness for which your animal has been referred.