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Natasha McCappin

Farm Animal Veterinary Surgeon

Natasha McCappin
Natasha McCappin BVSc MRCVS Farm Animal Veterinary Surgeon

From a Northern Irish farming family, Natasha has always had a passion for large animals. After graduating in 2009 from the University of Liverpool, she worked as a farm vet in Wales and Northern Ireland before settling into the MBM farm team in January 2013.

She especially enjoys calf health and livestock housing design, and has continued to increase her farm animal knowledge and skills by enrolling for the RCVS Advanced Practitioner Production Animal certificate. She is set to complete this in 2020.

In her free-time, Natasha will usually be found climbing hills and exploring with her three working springers, ‘Sophie’, ‘Keeper’, and ‘Elsa’. She is also passionate about her bee-friendly garden, where she continually strives towards self-sufficiency!